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Enjoy peace of mind whilst on holiday – protect your home from burglars in Hampshire and west Berkshire

"Don’t let burglars ruin your holiday" warn local Basingstoke Keyholding and Security Guarding company, Basingstoke Keyholders Burglaries are a priority for Hampshire Police but this is mainly reactive, dealing with the after effects of intruders attacking property. Burglars are mainly opportunistic thieves, but they do tend to scope out homes to try and spot a weakness they can exploit. A house whose owner is away on holiday makes a tempting target, but there are ways of protecting your home.   FIRSTLY, don’t advertise your plans: Refrain from posting holiday snaps on Facebook until you get home, as these make it clear your house is sitting empty. In summer, hire someone to mow the lawn and in winter, hire someone to shovel your snow.   Don’t let mail pile up. Either have the Post Office stop delivery, or have a neighbour collect the mail every day. Keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent burglars peering through to assess target items and routes, and use