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Enjoy peace of mind whilst on holiday – protect your home from burglars in Hampshire and west Berkshire

"Don’t let burglars ruin your holiday" warn local Basingstoke Keyholding and Security Guarding company, Basingstoke Keyholders

Burglaries are a priority for Hampshire Police but this is mainly reactive, dealing with the after effects of intruders attacking property.

Burglars are mainly opportunistic thieves, but they do tend to scope out homes to try and spot a weakness they can exploit.

A house whose owner is away on holiday makes a tempting target, but there are ways of protecting your home.


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FIRSTLY, don’t advertise your plans:

Refrain from posting holiday snaps on Facebook until you get home, as these make it clear your house is sitting empty.

In summer, hire someone to mow the lawn and in winter, hire someone to shovel your snow. 

Don’t let mail pile up. Either have the Post Office stop delivery, or have a neighbour collect the mail every day.

Keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent burglars peering through to assess target items and routes, and use timers or Smart Apps to turn lights off and on at set times.


SECONDLY, try and hinder thieves.

For example, patio door locks can prove flimsy and offer little protection against a determined burglar, so try placing a sturdy brush handle in the track to stop the door from sliding open. Padlock side gates. Check all windows are locked.

If you normally keep a spare key hidden outside the home, bring it in before going on holiday.

Keep the outside lit as burglars do not like being seen. PIR-activated garden and security lighting is very beneficial as a deterrent.


FINALLY, call John or Paul at Basingstoke Security Keyholders ( on 01256 831838 to discuss temporary services whilst you are away:

     1.     Portable solar/battery  4G wireless security intruder detection cameras which are monitored 24hrs remotely to deploy across the property to give immediate alert of intruders – and activate a 110db siren and strobe to deter anyone from staying on site. No cables needed and do not require wi-fi. electricity, broadband or telephone connection. As soon as suspicious activity is identified, your keyholders and Police can be contacted.

     2.     24hr intruder security keyholder alarm response by SIA-licensed mobile security guards to deal swiftly with intruders, liaise with Police, check the property is secure and arrange boarding-up if necessary

     3.     Roving mobile security patrols to check on the property at varied times overnight to check everything is okay and show a presence to act as a deterrent to anyone watching

     4.     If you consider there to be a serious threat to your property, Basingstoke Security Keyholders can provide 24hr security guards

     5.     If you feel the need to have a key available for contractors or other visitors, Basingstoke Security Keyholders can hold one and can attend to supervise them whilst on site and secure the property once they leave.

     6.     Basingstoke Security Keyholders can hire you a fireproof safe to provide protection for important documents as well as jewellery and other small valuables.

Nothing can guarantee the safety of your home or your small business. However, a bit of planning and a reliable security provider can reduce the risk. Contact BASINGSTOKE SECURITY KEYHOLDERS  by visiting our website, calling us on 01256 831838 or e-mailing to learn how you can better protect your assets so that you can have peace of mind whilst enjoying your time away.



Basingstoke Security Key Holding and Manned Guarding Security company


Basingstoke Security Keyholders ( are part of the Basingstoke-based Property Security Group Limited, a family-owned and run security company specialising in protecting people, property and assets.

In association with our teams at Bracknell Security Keyholders ( and Newbury Security Keyholders ( Basingstoke Security Keyholders provide a wide range of security solutions across the Bracknell – Basingstoke – Newbury corridor.

This includes 24hr security services right across the Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Wokingham, Camberley, Farnham, Odiham, Fleet, Hook, Basingstoke, Chineham, Reading, Aldermaston, Crondall, Tadley, Kingsclere, Didcot and Hungerford areas of Hampshire and west Berkshire.

These security services, including rapid deployment to cover urgent requirements, include roving mobile security patrols, daily unlocking and locking of premises, vacant property security, construction site security, building site scaffolding hire with 24hr monitoring, void property inspection, temporary security guarding, security for private airfields, security for storage container compounds, temporary CCTV hire with 24hr monitoring, security for garden centres, rural security services and premises security reviews.




Basingstoke Security Keyholders (Property Security Group Limited)

Unit H, Loddon Business Centre, Roentgen Rd, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8NG







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