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Scaffolding Alarms UK rapid deployment construction site security and building site scaffolding alarm hire


Scaffolding Alarms UK (a division of Property Security Group Limited) offer high quality and competitively priced scaffold alarms and temporary construction site security camera systems hire across the UK.


Property Security Group (PSG) building site scaffolding alarms deter and detect unauthorised access to the property, the theft of expensive materials, graffiti vandals, freerunners or parkour intruders and wanton vandalism.

The systems comprise wireless 3G visual verification security cameras, monitored 24hrs out-of-working-hours so that false alarms are minimised. With batteries and solar power options, no electricity, broadband, wi-fi or telephone connections are required.

Once a PSG wireless PIR camera is activated, an instant alert is sent, followed by a short video clip. That alert can be sent, and viewed, by your Site Manager, local key holder company or an insurance-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

So, how much does a scaffolding alarm system hire, with 24hr monitoring and visual verification cameras, cost? Well, a typical installation of 6 – 10 cameras will cost an affordable £99 per week plus VAT.

This includes the monitoring but outsourced alarm response services are extra. There is a modest installation charge and collection/removal charge at the end of the hire period.

Depending upon client needs, PSG can install sirens to deter intruders from remaining on the scaffolding. Intruders hate these 110db sirens and strobe lights with a passion; it just attracts far too much attention for them to feel comfortable so they typically leave site immediately. PSG controllers only activate the siren if they see suspicious activity; this prevents birds or cats causing a nuisance.

As well as having the option of your site manager being called out, the safest affordable and most effective solution is to engage a local SIA-accredited keyholder intruder alarm response service. PSG can arrange this along with anu security guarding, security dog handler and mobile security patrol services you need.

Property Security Group Limited are proud holders of the ConstructionLine Silver award and all engineers are SIA-licensed and security vetted.

As a family-owned and run business, PSG pride themselves on their exceptional levels of customer service. By truly caring about the end results of your project, PSG take the time to listen to your requirements and are always 100% committed to your satisfaction.

Again, as a family business, PSG are proud to offer unrivalled personal service aimed at delivering the highest standards of customer service. Call us now on 0845 862 5480 to find out more.




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