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Vacant property security solutions: Use of Concrete Barriers to Secure Vacant Property


Use of Concrete Barriers to Secure Vacant Property | Vacant Property Security Systems Hire | How To Secure Empty Property | Empty & Vacant Property Specialists


vacant rural property security camera systems hire for farms and barns, from Property Security Group Limited concrete block hire for vacant empty commercial properties

John Hicks, Managing Director of Property Security Group Limited (PSG) writes:

PSG offer a range of robust, temporary, portable security camera solutions for hire, tailored to protect and monitor empty property, construction sites, rural properties and other locations without access to power, broadband or telephone connections - and which enable PSG controllers to monitor intrusions and trespass 24/7.

The indoor and outdoor PIRs have integrated cameras which send 10 second video clips upon activation directly to key holders on their smartphones and web browser.

However, they are not the total solution. Whilst the cameras protect the perimeter, I have found that the added deterrent and preventative value of concrete barrier blocks to be significant.

Vacant properties attract squatters, travellers and fly tipping. Concrete barriers assist in deterring and preventing such intrusion - and are very affordable.


Case study 1: security for empty derelict rural farmhouse and barns


using concrete blocks barriers to secure vacant rural and commercial property from trespassers, travellers, squatters and thieves Property Security Group Limited are empty property security specialists

Property Security Group Limited were instructed to secure a remote complex of semi-derelict farmhouses and barns in a rural setting. The site was subject to planning applications for redevelopment and there had been problems previously with traveller occupation and squatters.

PSG installed a portable intruder alarm detection camera system and arranged for our local security key holder services Basingstoke Security Keyholders and Newbury Security Keyholders to provide rapid 24hr alarm response.

However, its rural location meant that it could take fifteen to twenty minutes for response guards to arrive on site.

Twenty minutes is long enough for fly tippers to dump waste rubbish and house rubble and be gone – leaving the client to pick up an expensive bill. We have had clients on other sites in the UK who have been saddled with huge bills because the waste included hazardous materials or asbestos.

So, we called our favourite concrete block and barrier suppliers, Naivette Services Limited, Stop Block Barriers (www.concrete-security-barriers) who offer attractive hire and outright purchase charges – and very fair delivery/collection charges.

They delivered blocks within 48 hours and secured the main gates. The odds are now stacked in our favour!


Case study 2: security for vacant office and warehouse premises


using concrete barriers and blocks to secure empty commercial premises, offices and warehouses Property Security Group Limited, specialist security company for vacant redevelopment sites

Property Security Group Limited were instructed to secure an empty office block whilst planning applications for redevelopment were being processed; a portable 3G wireless intruder detection camera system was installed with 24hr monitoring by PSG controllers.

Immediately before completion of the purchase, the property had been heavily vandalised by youths and a failed attempt at arson.

Within days, metal thieves in Transit tipper vans attempted to break in but were deterred from remaining on site by the 110db siren strategically located on the roof.

Again, Naivette Services were asked to supply concrete blocks to prevent the vehicles returning to site.

It didn’t take long before the tipper vans returned to site and unsuccessfully tried to push the blocks out of the way – but couldn’t budge them. The cameras detected their arrival on site and local security keyholders and Police attended but it seems that the siren again worked its magic.



Specialist empty property security companies in the UK






Property Security Group Limited’s smart technology systems offer:

- Rapid wireless installation and relocation, no cables or wiring to worry about

- Cost-effective alternatives to human guards and guarding services

- Video verification of actual intrusions for crime-in-progress Police response

- Optional direct 24hr monitoring by an insurance-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

- Optional smoke detection and break-glass sensors

- QVGA daylight (colour) images with black & white night vision



Please contact Property Security Group today for more information – telephone 0845 862 5480 or email





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