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Improving school and college security with a free security checklist to help identify the areas where your campus may be vulnerable

Police detained a group of vandals after being indentified by Property Security Group Limited temporary security cameras

As part of the Property Security Group Limited commitment to improving school and college security, we have produced what we hope is a helpful checklist to help you to identify the areas where your campus may be vulnerable.

It is not designed to cover all aspects of security, because each site is different, but it should help you to identify some common vulnerabilities. 

STEP 1: Answer all of the questions as this will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

STEP 2: If you have questions that you may need help with, simply email your contact details to and we will be pleased to arrange a free site security survey, without obligation.


Visitor access to your building

·         Are visitors allowed entry to your building by appointment only?

·         Do they have to report to a reception area before entry?

·         Are visitors asked for proof of ID?

·         Are they provided with visitors’ badges?

·         Are all visitors asked to sign in when they enter the building?

·         Are visitors’ badges/lanyards designed to look different from staff/student badges?

·         Are all visitors’ badges collected from visitors when they leave the building?

·         Does a member of staff accompany visitors at all times while in the building?

·         Are the visitors’ badges cross-checked against those issued?

·         Does your staff wear ID badges at all times when in the building?

·         Do you hand visitors a health and safety guidance sheet?

·         Do you display CCTV warning/data protection notice?

·         Do you cover the camera lens on smartphones?




Physical security of your building

·         Are there good quality locks on all doors and windows at ground level?

·         Are there good quality locks on each accessible door and window above ground level?

·         Can internal doors be locked when left unattended for long periods?

·         Are all fire doors alarmed?

·         Do you nominate members of staff to check that all doors and windows are closed and locked at the end of the business day?

·         Have you restricted the number of keys that have been issued?

·         Is your list of key holders current?

·         If you have a burglar alarm are your security staff familiar with the procedures for switching it on and off and reset procedures?  (In order to reduce false alarms)

·         Do you maintain good visibility around the perimeter of your building?

       e.g cutting back overgrown planting.

·         Do you have adequate lighting around your building during the hours

      of darkness?

·         Do you have your CCTV cameras regularly maintained?

·         Do the CCTV cameras cover the entrances and exits to your building?

·         Do you have CCTV cameras covering critical areas in your business,

       such as server rooms or cash offices?

·         Do you store the CCTV images in accordance with the evidential

       needs of the police?

·         Could you positively identify an individual from the recorded images

       on your CCTV system?

·         Do you have ANPR whitelisting and blacklisting on your entrance and car parks?

·         Are important individual buildings subject to access control? Does your access control rely on pass cards or biometrics?

·         Does your access control restrict the persons allowed to access key areas and/or at specific times of the day or days of the week?

·         Do you have CCTV warning signs externally on the perimeter to act as a deterrent?

·         For vulnerable external areas, does your CCTV have active analytics or PIR sensors linked to an auto dialler to give immediate response?

·         Do you have remote outbuildings, stores and sports pitches, where there is no electricity or telephone connection, covered by portable security cameras monitored out of school hours?

·         Do you have adequate perimeter fencing?

·         Are all car park gates locked overnight and at weekends if the campus is not in use?

·         Is unathorised access to roofs prevented by physical barriers?



Information security

·         Do staff lock away all documents at the close of the business day?

·         Do you have a clear-desk policy out of business hours?

·         Do you close down all computers at the close of the business day?

·         Are all your computers password protected?

·         Do you have computer firewall and antivirus software on computers?

·         Do you regularly update this protection?

·         Do you employ the principle of least privilege?

·         Do you back up business critical information regularly?

·         Do security officers lock away any laptops or mobile phones left out?



Personnel security checking

·         It is important to prove the identity of potential new staff and volunteers. You should see original documents and not photocopies and, where possible, check the information, explaining any gaps.

·         During recruitment do you require:

o   Full name?

o   Current address and any previous addresses in last five years?

o   Date of birth?

o   National Insurance number?

o   Full details of references (names, addresses and contact details)?

o   Full details of previous employers, including dates of employment?

o   Proof of relevant educational and professional qualifications?

o   Proof of permission to work in the UK for non-British nationals


Proof of identity is vitally important, so use passports, birth certificates and P45 to help to verify that. 

·         Do you regularly check driving license status on the DVLA website in respect of any persons likely to use a company vehicle?

·         For any person claiming company mileage allowance, do you regularly check that they hold current insurance with business use allowed?

·         Does the exit process ensure that all passes and keys are collected back before the staff member leaves for the final time?

·         Is your out-of-hours contact list up to date and been communicated to your alarm responders?




Physical security of staff

·         Do you have a lone worker policy?

·         Is this documentation regularly reviewed and if necessary updated?

·         Do you have a lone worker alarm system?

·         Has the response to lone worker alarms been tested in recent times?

·         For vulnerable staff, do you provide bodycams (with 4G streaming if lone workers) to give valuable evidence of incidents?

·         To reduce risks to lone working staff, do you use a security company to respond to intruder alarms and open the site in response to fire alarms?

·         To reduce risks to staff and improve security, do you use a security company to open and close your buildings each day?

·         Do you randomly body scan students for weapons?



·         Do you have a security policy or other documentation showing how security procedures should operate within your business?

·         Is this documentation regularly reviewed and if necessary updated?

·         Do you have a senior manager who takes responsibility for security

       within your business?

·         Do you regularly meet with staff and discuss security issues?

·         Do you encourage staff to raise their concerns about security?

·         Are you a member of a local Business Watch or a similarly constituted group?

·         Do you know your local community police officer or community

      support officer?

·         Do you speak with neighbouring businesses on issues of security and

      crime that might affect you all?

·         Do you remind your staff to be vigilant when travelling to and from work,

      and to report anything suspicious to the relevant authorities or police?


What do your results show?

Having completed the checklist, you need to give further attention to the questions to which you have answered ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’.

If you answered ‘don’t know’ to a question, find out more about that issue to reassure yourself that this vulnerability is being addressed.

If you answered ‘no’ to any question, then you may need to formally review that particular vulnerability as soon as possible.

Where you have answered ‘yes’ to a question, remember to regularly review your security needs to make sure that your security measures are fit for purpose.

Finally, sometimes we find more questions than answers, so do think about the Property Security Group Limited offer of a free security review.

Just call us now on 0845 862 5480 or email: and we will be pleased to arrange a free site security survey, without obligation.



Property Security Group Limited offer free security reviews for schools and colleges across the UK


Editors’ notes:

Property Security Group Limited offer temporary security guards, mobile security patrols and 24hr Security Key Holder intruder alarm response services for schools and colleges across the UK.
The guards might be deployed to campus overnight to prevent unauthorised access. Alternatively, they can be deployed during school hours to provide a visible deterrent, to deal with security incidents, check passes at access points or undertake non-intrusive body scans for weapons.
In addition, PSG offer temporary 3G wireless intruder detection security camera system hire, monitored 24hrs out of school hours to allow for immediate response to trespassers, thieves, fly tippers and arsonists. This allows for rapid protection for vulnerable areas or areas of campus under threat.
To support schools and colleges, PSG offer a free security review with recommendations.

Follow #PSG on Twitter @securesites or visit

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