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Night Watchman Security Guarding Services from Property Security Group Limited

Night Watchman Security Guarding Services from Property Security Group Limited

Hire security night watchmen to protect premises and people overnight

Security Night Watchmen, or night security guards, provide overnight security deterrents and management, protecting the property, assets and its occupants.

Typically, a nightwatchman will conduct foot patrols of premises but will mainly monitor the CCTV cameras for any suspicious activities. They are a constant deterrent against intruders and can summon assistance very swiftly to deal with any issues arising.

The UK’s association with night watchmen began in the 13th Century. Wikipedia explains: 

The streets in London were dark and had a shortage of and poor quality artificial light. It had been recognised for centuries that the coming of darkness to the unlit streets of a town brought a heightened threat of danger, and that the night provided cover to the disorderly and immoral, and to those bent on robbery or burglary or who in other ways threatened physical harm to people in the streets and in their houses.

The anxieties that darkness gave rise to had been met by the formation of a night watch in the 13th century, and by the rules about who could use the streets after dark. These rules had for long been underpinned in London and other towns by the curfew, the time (announced by the ringing of a bell) at which the gates closed and the streets were cleared. Only people with good reason to be abroad could then travel through the city] Anyone outside at night without reason or permission was suspicious and potentially criminal.

 But nightwatchmen very much pre-date the English Night Watchmen. An early reference to a watch can be found in the Bible where the Prophet Ezekiel states that it was the duty of the watch to blow the horn and sound the alarm. (Ezekiel 33:1-6).

Overnight security guards remain one of the most effective measures to ensure the protection of your premises and personnel.

Today, a property or facilities manager can hire night watch security guards, to protect premises in the UK, from Property Security Group Limited (PSG). These SIA-licensed security officers are well trained and supported by local supervisors and management. They make regular check calls to PSG’s 24hr Control Room to ensure their welfare and diligence.

At weekends and on Bank Holidays, the security guarding cover can be extended to a Security Concierge role during the daytime. Whilst this would primarily be a security role it could also include supervising contractors, supporting lone workers on site, receiving deliveries etc.

Nightwatchman duties are not confined to internal roles. They are often deployed as gatekeepers at industrial premises, as guards for car compounds, construction site security guarding, security for List X premises, as security nightwatchmen for factories, warehouse security guards, protecting country estates, overnight security for residential properties, business park security – and a whole host of other deployments.

Overnight Night Watchman security guarding services from Property Security Group Limited

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Night watchman security guarding services from Property Security Group Limited








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